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Introducing The Whiskeysmith Wild Spirit Rodeo

Our twist on whiskey tradition. And this time, everyone's invited to the party.

What is there to do?

Like all rodeos, we'll deliver on action. But we'll do it a little differently, and yes, dare I say it, a little wilder. Instead of barrel racing, we'll have Barrel Raving at our indoor roller rink. Instead of mechanical bulls, we'll have Buckin' Bananas, because why not? And instead of bullfighting, we'll have an equally daring showcase—the Wild Wild Drag Show.

How Will We Get The Word Out?

To build hype for this flagship event, we would launch a print and digital advertising campaign, with media placements on social media and in local bars around the Denver area.

What Are We Sending Everyone Home With?

We want this event to live on long past the date its held—in terms of the social buzz it generates, the memories attendees leave with, and of course, the Whiskeysmith swag they bring home.

Merch Wagon.png

What people buy is up to them. But with options like the Rowdy Rollerskates, the Whiskey Slinger Bandolier, the Bourbon Drinking Boot, the Yee-Haul Fanny Pack, and the Six-Shooter Shot Holder, it's hard to go wrong. Especially if you settle on just a case of Whiskeysmith.

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We Wild Wilder

The Team: Molly Barnett (CBM), Kaelan Brown (XD), Griffin Drew (AD), Danny Todesca (CW), Myself (ST)

My Role: Researching (and taste-testing) the category, writing the brief, brainstorming event details, and, most importantly, holding up the disco ball during our photoshoot.

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